MKP Creative isn't a PR Agency, and it's not a design, ad, or marketing firm. It's a hybrid.

Maggie Palmer - a writer, former television producer and marketing executive - started the Portland based company to give businesses an alternative to hiring big agencies, or paying for separate freelancers to do different aspects of marketing and PR. This creates a cohesiveness to marketing plans that doesn’t exist when you have too many people working separately, and hits the bottom line for your budget that’s difficult to attain when working with traditional agencies.

We spend time on-site with the client, learn every facet of how their products or services work, consult with the sales team to see how they do their job and who the customer is. Then we create a cohesive communications plan that blends social media marketing, blogger outreach, SEM and SEO work, traditional print PR and direct email campaigns, as well as coordinating media buys and print ads.

Clients include small local businesses, beauty and wellness industry leaders and food and beverage clients. Each campaign is different, and our clients typically see a dramatic boost in business within 3 months. MKP Creative also offers social media training for individuals, businesses & groups.

Maggie K. Palmer, based in Portland, Oregon, specializes in the following areas (click links for examples):
Advertising agencies need to pay overhead and rent. When you hire freelance, you’re paying for the product and working one on one with the writer. Also available are one-on-one social media training sessions, social media set-up and group social media training.

Contact Maggie K. Palmer for samples, a client list, and quotes on projects. Gather your friends or co-workers for a Social Media Seminar and receive a group discount.