Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Dragontree, A Holistic Day Spa, Announces The Addition Of Nail Services To Their Portland International Airport Location

(Portland, OR) May 25, 2010. Attention frequent flyers- announcing yet another reason to arrive early for your flight out of Portland! The relaxing Dragontree Day Spa has now added men’s and women’s nail treatments to their menu. Choosing to forgo the typical chemical laden and smelly nail polish of old, the spa is using Minx nails, a glamorous product that lets customers remain chemical free while extending fashion to their fingertips. The nail wraps are cut to the shape of the nail, put on with heat, and last as long as a typical manicure- 5 to 7 days. Or let your bags linger on the baggage return belt and treat yourself to some pampering while the other passengers fight it out.
The Dragontree has an established history of dedication to Portland's values of ecological consciousness and sustainability practices. "While searching for an alternative to nail polishes with noxious fumes, we found Minx and were impressed with product and the results,” explains Dragontree founder Briana Borten. “It's something fun and different while also being a better alternative for our clients health and the preservation of the earth.”
Minx nails continue to make news around the globe, including spotted on Kim Cattrall in the new Sex and the City movie. Kim wore “Golden Lightning” Minx in the movie, and Scarlett Johansson favored “Black and White Houndstooth” Minx in a cover story for Glamour magazines’ November 2009 issue. The Dragontree Spa is excited to bring the same high profile fashion to Portland airport.
The spa is conveniently located on Concourse C between gate C-10 and C-12 and functions as a beautiful, soothing and private refuge with an extensive menu to accommodate all travelers’ needs and schedules.  There are private rooms for a variety of treatments, including a 30-minute slumber. Customers are embracing the long awaited arrival of nail services, filling the spa’s treatment room for last minute nail applications before a wedding, vacation or business trip. They especially like the fact that there’s no drying time needed and no smelly chemicals to share with other passengers during the flight.
Appointments are primarily on a walk-in basis but reservations are also happily accepted. For more information please visit the spa’s airport location website at www.thedragontreepdx.com or call 503.331.1131.
About : The Dragontree, located at 2768 NW Thurman and Concourse C in PDX, offers a variety of services to still the mind and mend the body. The perfect place to receive massages, facials, Acupuncture, waxing, Ayurvedic counseling, and herbal consultations, you can also gather with friends and family and receive foot treatments, head, neck, & shoulder massages, and hand treatments. For more information please visit www.thedragontree.com or call 503-221- 4123.
Maggie Palmer: 503-419-7677

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Carnival Returns! Magical Entertainers Sarlot & Eyed Reopen “Carnival Of Illusion”

(Free-Press-Release.com) May 17, 2010 -- 
(Tucson, AZ) Just back from their East coast tour, nationally renown illusionists Roland Sarlot and Susan Eyed reopen their hip Victorian-inspired theater show “Carnival of Illusion” in September 2010 at the Doubletree Hotel Tucson at Reid Park. 

Due to the immense popularity of 62 of their first 75 shows sold out, Sarlot and Eyed are hosted again at the DoubleTree to reopen the show as a centrally located Tucson attraction. “We are very excited with this collaboration. It’s great to showcase an exciting downtown ‘Tucson Treasure’ every Friday and Saturday evening,” said Helinda Lizarraga, General Manager of the DoubleTree. Showing their appreciation to Carnival of Illusion ticket holders, before or after the performance in either hotel restaurant, the DoubleTree offers a buy one dinner entrĂ©e, get the second (equal or lesser priced) FREE!

Roland Sarlot and Susan Eyed, 2009 National Recipients for "Excellence in Magic", were granted “Featured Performer” status during their 21 show run at Hollywood’s World Famous Magic Castle. They have performed as “house entertainers” at the world's top resorts including Canyon Ranch and Miraval Spa. 

Sarlot & Eyed transport their audiences back to a time when magic flourished as an art and was practiced in the salons and “parlours” of the wealthy. Carnival of Illusion offers a modern, hip edge to a Victorian-inspired parlour show. This intimate experience is limited to only 35 guests per show. You can catch their shows at 6pm and 8:30pm every Friday and Saturday at the DoubleTree Hotel Tucson at Reid Park beginning September 2010. Tickets available at http://www.carnivalOFillusion.com or (520) 615-5299.

About: Roland Sarlot and Susan Eyed are National recipients for “Excellence in Magic” awarded by the oldest magic convention in the country. Fox News called them, “Outstanding”, the LA Weekly wrote “Amazing”, the Tucson Weekly, “Extraordinary!” and the Tucson Citizen said, “Best show in Tucson.” These entertainers tour nationally sharing their love and respect for the ancient Art of Magic. 

For more information, visit the Press page at http://www.carnivalOFillusion.com or contact Brooke Rosania at thrills@carnivalofillusion.com, (520) 615-5299. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

MKP client Briana Borten radio interview

Here at MKP Creative, ROI is what we strive for. Return on Investment is important- especially when you're dealing with "organic" ROI- as in- not paid advertising. A 30 minute radio interview could cost hundreds- even thousands- of dollars and push any marketing budget over the edge.

That's why we pride ourselves on our PR work at MKP Creative. This means free press that fits into your branding needs and image. Here's a great example- a wonderful 30 minute radio inerview for spa client Briana Borten on a radio series called "Exceptional Women NW."

Have a listen- enjoy- and imagine yourself in a 30 minute interview and what you could do with so much time....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Making Lemonade

CJ Connolly, like so many others diagnosed with scleroderma, has gained a heightened awareness of the important things in life.  “Finding out about my disease definitely put life in perspective.  It was time to write down all of the many lessons I had learned from family, friends and life in general to pass on to my grandchildren and others.” 

The result of this renewed focus is a new series of rhyming children’s books aimed at 3-8 year old “early readers.”  After reading the first story CJ had written for her grandson last Christmas, George noted “It was good, really good so I decided to find a way to publish the book so others could enjoy it.  CJ was adamant against sending it to a traditional publisher, though, as she had found the experience less than thrilling in the past.  “And sure enough, the first time we showed the book to an editor, she proceeded to take out key words that supported the rhyming structure of the book,” says CJ.

So, George and CJ have taken on a major challenge—starting a new business in a down economy.  The result is the boutique publishing company, Crosswinds Press. Using what is called a “virtual” structure, George and CJ have joined forces with three other small Connecticut businesses (Lisa Adams Art, LaPointe Design, and The Racine Company) to launch this joint venture.

“In a down economy, it really means a lot to all of us to support the launch of this book series,” notes George Racine of The Racine Company, who prints the books and all related printed matter in his Brooklyn, CT plant.  “It is actually fun, not work.  We are all proud of the high quality product we’ve produced.

The first book in the series, Wil, Fitz and a Flea Named T, was released and recently The Boomerang, The Bad Enchilada have released. The Lemonade Stand and A Line in the Sand are in production for release in early summer.  Each of these books contains a lesson, or moral.  In the first book, Wil meets a wise old flea named simply “T” who helps him see that gaining anything of value requires effort—it is never, ever free.  Mr. T continues to help Wil throughout the series, often accompanied by one or more of “T’s” extended flea family.  Brought to life by the talented illustrator, Lisa Adams, the books are both entertaining and beautiful. 

In talking about undertaking such a major project while fighting the creeping progression of her scleroderma, CJ notes: “The fact is that no one knows how many more days they have left.  I almost see the scleroderma as a ‘gift’ of sorts, perhaps the best one I’ve been given because it has motivated me to do things that otherwise might have been left undone.  With the press and the book projects, I’m simply too busy to worry about what happens next.”  Clearly, as suggested by the title of fourth book in the series, The Lemonade Stand, CJ has decided to make lemonade with the lemons she’s been given. 

The Reach Out and Read National Center in Boston has placed Wil, Fitz and a Flea Named T on several lists of recommended books distributed to parents and medical providers saying:  “it will be a valuable resource for parents and childcare providers, who wish to teach children about the value of trying even when mistakes are made.”

The books are available through the Crosswinds Press website and through Amazon.com.

Innovative Kids Book Teaches Time, Good Manners

Busy working mothers and fathers are constantly looking for ways to enforce good behavior and manners. "It's Time for Good Manners!" is a new combination storybook and practice guide that helps young children (grades K-3) easily learn to tell time, as well as learn good manners. The workbook is an easy way to bond after dinner, teach your kids a valuable lesson and help them prepare for school.

As summer approaches, more parents begin to worry about the lack of education in their children’s life, and the fear of slipping behind before the next school year begins. Workbooks such as this are a great way to bond with your kids, while keeping their brains in shape during the summer.

In "It's Time for Good Manners!" youngsters will follow four children just like them -- Torie, Tad, Tyler and Tessa -- as they go about their day. Kids will learn how to tell time through the foursome's daily activities and good manners by reading familiar situations relevant to the characters' actions. Each page allows readers to tell time, trace it and write it on their own while comprehending the corresponding good manners tip. Kids will love the cute clock designs and have fun drawing their own designs, too. The 52-page guide ends with practice pages that reinforce good manners and telling time.

Five good manners tips highlighted in the guide include:

* It's 7:00am and Torie's mom made waffles for breakfast. Torie is grateful for the special treat. Lesson learned: It's time to show your appreciation.
* It's 12:00pm and Tyler is in the lunch line at his cafeteria. He says, "Thank you very much," to the lunch lady. Lesson learned: It's time to be thankful.
* It's 1:30pm and Tad's recess is over. He cuts in the water fountain line. Tad says he is sorry and moves to the end of the line. Lesson learned: It's time to apologize.
* It's 4:30pm and Tessa is helping her mom get dinner ready by setting the table. Lesson learned: It's time to be helpful.
* It's 6:00pm and Tyler burps while eating dinner. He quickly says, "Excuse me." Lesson learned: It's time to not be rude.

"It's Time for Good Manners!" is available on Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com, GoodMannersKidsStuffPress.com or ItsTimeForGoodManners.com.

May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

When it comes to tanning, dermatologists have long suspected that most people need an attitude adjustment. Now, results of a new survey by the American Academy of Dermatology confirmed that the majority of people still idolize the bronzed look of a tan despite wanting to protect themselves from skin cancer.

May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. Here in the Northwest, we don’t see that glowing orb as often as other people in North America, but it doesn't mean we're not just as susceptible to it's harmful rays. In addition, many people may make up for the lack of natural sunlight by taking to the tanning beds.

The "Suntelligence: How Sun Smart is Your City?" online survey polled more than 7,000 adults nationwide to determine their knowledge, attitudes and behaviors toward tanning, sun protection and skin cancer detection. Twenty-six cities were ranked based on respondents' answers to several questions in each category.

"Our survey highlighted the contradictory feelings that many people have about tanning - they like the way a tan looks but are concerned about skin cancer, which is estimated to affect about one in five Americans in their lifetime," said dermatologist Zoe D. Draelos, MD, FAAD, consulting professor at Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, N.C. "What they may not realize is that no matter whether you tan or burn, a tan from the sun or tanning beds damages the skin and can cause wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer. The challenge is changing the long-standing attitudes about tanning to correlate with people’s knowledge about skin cancer."

In examining the survey data, Dr. Draelos noted that 72 percent of all respondents agreed that people look more attractive with a tan. In addition, more men than women (76 percent vs. 68 percent, respectively) agreed with that statement.

Similarly, 66 percent of all respondents agreed that people look healthier with a tan. Once again more men than women (70 percent vs. 62 percent, respectively) agreed with this statement.

When asked whether or not they believed that sun exposure is good for your health, 60 percent of all respondents mistakenly agreed with this statement. Analyzing the data by gender, more men than women (62 percent vs. 58 percent, respectively) incorrectly thought that sun exposure is good for your health.

"Various reports touting the potential health benefits of sun exposure for vitamin D production are misleading people to believe that exposing oneself to UV radiation - which causes cancer - to prevent another disease is somehow beneficial," said Dr. Draelos. "In fact, the Academy does not recommend getting vitamin D from any form of UV exposure because UV radiation from the sun and tanning beds can lead to the development of skin cancer. Getting vitamin D from a healthy diet, which includes naturally enriched vitamin D foods, fortified foods and beverages, and/or vitamin supplements is a healthier alternative because it provides the exact same benefit without the skin cancer risk."

Dr. Draelos added that despite their positive attitudes about tanning, the majority of respondents expressed strong opinions on protecting themselves from skin cancer. For example, 75 percent of all respondents said they will do anything possible to prevent skin cancer. Furthermore, 80 percent of respondents expressed concern about skin cancer and feel it is important to protect themselves.

"When it comes to preventing skin cancer, actions speak louder than words," said Dr. Draelos. "So while it is encouraging that most people are concerned about skin cancer and want to reduce their risk of developing it, clearly more work needs to be done to change attitudes on tanning. If a person likes the look of a tan, he or she should consider using a self-tanner but use sunscreen with it."

Take the Academy's "Suntelligence" survey, as well as to find out how to perform a skin self-exam, download a body mole map or find free skin cancer screenings in your area.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MKP Client Amy Boggs interviewed on local radio program

Amy Boggs, a young entrepreneur and founder of Sparkling Palaces talks about starting a home cleaning business, being an entrepreneur, her chemical-free approach and desire to be as green as possible.

About Exceptional Women NW

Exceptional Women NW is an exploration of achievement, led by women, in Portland, the state of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. We highlight leaders in business & social causes, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers, artists, designers, free spirits — any woman — anywhere in our area, making a positive impact. These 30-minute conversations celebrate stories of hope, inspiration and success in all walks of life.

Listen to Amy's interview here