Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Press Hit: Inpower in The Oregonian, February 1, 2012

One personal trainer's fitness goal: Help cancer patients feel better during and after treatment.

One minute, Laura Rosencrantz's grandfather was a vibrant guy, exercising at least five times a week, enjoying a rich family life and running a big company. 

The next, doctors found lung cancer, advised he skip the gym routine and rest. He grew weaker by the day. 

Leonard Schnitzer, 78, chairman of the board and former longtime chief executive officer of Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc., died June 8, 2003, three months after his diagnosis. 

His death devastated and motivated Rosencrantz, his doting granddaughter. She quit her job as a Multnomah Athletic Club fitness instructor, got specialized training and started an exercise program designed to help cancer patients stay stronger while in treatment, recover afterward or at the very least, feel better during the time they have left. She calls it Inpower. 

Rosencrantz's focus on exercise for cancer patients mirrors a burgeoning trend among fitness trainers, physical therapists and oncologists. Out are the bed-rest recommendations of old. In are prescriptions for workouts tailored to specific cancer diagnoses, to how patients feel and to what they can tolerate day to day as they endure chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments.

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