Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LEI Medical Enjoys Continued Growth in New Facility

LEI Medical is enjoying new-found expansion and growth thanks to a facility move in October of 2010. Founded in 1993, LEI Medical has consistently improved the safety and quality of veterinary medical equipment, expanding to the point of needing to move their operations into a new, 10,000 square foot building space at this time last year.

CEO and Founder of LEI Medical Brian Lawson knew the company needed to move when their growth exceeded their manufacturing capabilities. Now comfortably housed in double the space they were just a couple of years ago, Lawson says the space, built in 2004, also makes delivery more streamlined and efficient.

LEI designs and manufactures high-quality, precision anesthesia machines including stands, wall mounts, tabletops, vaporizers, medical gas, suction and oxygen delivery products.

“It’s exciting to be celebrating our first year anniversary in this new space,” says Lawson. “The manufacturing facility makes it easier for us to create and test new products and initiate new concepts. It’s really helped us to focus on serving our customers to the best of our ability. The new surroundings have been an inspiration in several exciting ways.”

The new facility includes a dedicated clean room for product assembly and testing, dedicated space for precision manufacturing of LEI parts, inventory management, shipping, customer service and sales. The space allows for two state-of-the-art manufacturing machines that take raw material and cut them to extraordinarily demanding specifics for the high quality, precision products that LEI is known for.

“It’s important to us to keep moving forward,” says Lawson. “We’re always looking at what’s next- what can be done to make our equipment more user friendly, safer for vets and pets, and new technology. This larger space allows us to do all of that and more.” 

Lawson goes on to explain that the new, bigger facility has allowed for greater scope of work and focus on new products for the veterinary marketplace. LEI takes pride in the fact that LEI products are 100% American made and assembled in their facility in Oregon.


LEI Medical is a Portland, Oregon based company that produces medical equipment for the veterinary field. Since 1993, LEI Medical has consistently improved the safety and quality of veterinary medical equipment. For the last 18 years, LEI Medical has grown and recently expanded its capabilities with a new leading edge facility. For more information on LEI Medical, please call 877-620-1500 toll free or visit http://www.leimedical.com.

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