Friday, May 20, 2011


Day spa known for their holistic and organic approach to health and wellness now offers unique program with in-house Health Coaches

Portland, Ore., May 20, 2011 – The Dragontree Day Spa announces Holistic Health Coaching services, aimed at providing structured programs to create lasting change.

With chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes taking a choking hold on American society, the new concept of the health coach is about proactive lifestyle changes as opposed to reactive. The Dragontree Spa, long known in the community as a place of holistic health, is embracing this idea by offering health coaching as a treatment to clients.

“Through education and encouragement, participants can take a proactive role in getting and staying healthy,” explains Dragontree owner Briana Borten.

Participants meet every other week for one hour and can choose between a three or six month program, with an option to extend indefinitely. The sessions include discussions of goals, progress, recommendations, and resources such as books, recipes and cooking classes. An optional grocery store tour is available, as well as free invitations to all events, lectures and workshops offered at The Dragontree.

“The three-month option is for those who already have some knowledge of healthy eating and lifestyle but need extra support to move past blocks,” says Health Coach Heather Wade. “As a wellness authority and supportive mentor, I want to motivate individuals to cultivate positive health choices.”

“The six-month option is targeted for those who know that change is needed but are overwhelmed and unsure of where or how to begin,” explains Health Coach Kelly Hirstein. “It takes time to integrate new habits and we can work at a pace that helps make those changes sustainable.”

This program is about more than just diet; it is aimed at creating a better quality of life. The program is designed to assess the areas of a participant’s life that are out of balance and work with them to make progress to nourish those needs.

The Dragontree Health Coaches fully support the recommendations given by doctors and any medical professionals. Their main goal is to provide participants with the practical knowledge and resources to participate in creating and maintaining a foundation of high quality health throughout life.

About The Dragontree:
The Dragontree, located at 2768 NW Thurman and in the Portland International Airport on Concourse C, offers a variety of services to still the mind and mend the body. The perfect place to receive massages, facials, Acupuncture, waxing, Ayurvedic counseling, and herbal consultations, you can also gather with friends and family and receive foot treatments, head, neck, & shoulder massages, and hand treatments. For more information please visit
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