Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why I Love Portland, V.1

I don't typically blog on my blog spot account. I tend to reserve this blog for mentioning my public relation's clients happenings, press hits and Examiner articles. But, I'd love to start blogging more about every day occurrences in my life and in the life of MKP Creative.

This afternoon, during my lunch hour, I braved the Portland spring of "Rain-sleet-Sun! Rain-wind-downpour-Sun!" and did a quick 30 minute run jog along the water front. After almost tripping over a dog whose owner had one of those leashes that lets the dog run 10 feet away from them, I continued on through the down pour that then gave way to sunshine, doing wonders for my naturally frizzy hair. Feeling a bit damp but otherwise satisfied that looks would not matter when I got back to the office, since I have no afternoon meetings and work all alone in my little office, I continued on at a steady pace.

I heard slapping on the pavement behind me and was suddenly passed in a whoosh by a lean guy running barefoot. I love Portland because people are not afraid to run barefoot, downtown, because they are a believer in the barefoot running movement. I also love that I also saw another guy running barefoot about 10 minutes later, splashing along in the mud beside the side walk- and they were not running together. Just two separate, barefoot running guys.

Dodging a seagull sitting up on the light post, a couple of pigeons, the harmless homeless brigade under the bridge and serious bikers along the waterfront adds excitement and some adrenaline to my runs. Now back at my desk, with a brilliant sun shine filled afternoon, I'm gazing out at the Broadway Bridge happy I got out and moved my body, and happy to be a Portlander.

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