Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Innovative Kids Book Teaches Time, Good Manners

Busy working mothers and fathers are constantly looking for ways to enforce good behavior and manners. "It's Time for Good Manners!" is a new combination storybook and practice guide that helps young children (grades K-3) easily learn to tell time, as well as learn good manners. The workbook is an easy way to bond after dinner, teach your kids a valuable lesson and help them prepare for school.

As summer approaches, more parents begin to worry about the lack of education in their children’s life, and the fear of slipping behind before the next school year begins. Workbooks such as this are a great way to bond with your kids, while keeping their brains in shape during the summer.

In "It's Time for Good Manners!" youngsters will follow four children just like them -- Torie, Tad, Tyler and Tessa -- as they go about their day. Kids will learn how to tell time through the foursome's daily activities and good manners by reading familiar situations relevant to the characters' actions. Each page allows readers to tell time, trace it and write it on their own while comprehending the corresponding good manners tip. Kids will love the cute clock designs and have fun drawing their own designs, too. The 52-page guide ends with practice pages that reinforce good manners and telling time.

Five good manners tips highlighted in the guide include:

* It's 7:00am and Torie's mom made waffles for breakfast. Torie is grateful for the special treat. Lesson learned: It's time to show your appreciation.
* It's 12:00pm and Tyler is in the lunch line at his cafeteria. He says, "Thank you very much," to the lunch lady. Lesson learned: It's time to be thankful.
* It's 1:30pm and Tad's recess is over. He cuts in the water fountain line. Tad says he is sorry and moves to the end of the line. Lesson learned: It's time to apologize.
* It's 4:30pm and Tessa is helping her mom get dinner ready by setting the table. Lesson learned: It's time to be helpful.
* It's 6:00pm and Tyler burps while eating dinner. He quickly says, "Excuse me." Lesson learned: It's time to not be rude.

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